Mommy Time

17 Sep

I am about to go get my nails done. Molly begs to go with me.
I say, “No…this is Mommy time.”

Josh has been gone quite a bit lately, so now that he’s home, I’m getting out of the house.

Molly tells me I had Mommy time every night after I put them to bed. (See, I didn’t let anyone sleep with me at all while Josh was away.)

I laughed at her. Then, I left all. By. Myself.

This child clearly doesn’t understand “Mommy time.”

Found This Jewel

15 Sep

I was doing some cleaning around here and found this precious jewel that Ruby wrote.  I couldn’t bear to throw it away, of course….it was for Josh about his mom, Gran/Debbie.

photo 1 copy


photo 2



“My grandma is the best.  I called her Gran.  She worked in the library.  I liked to visit her at the library because I loved to read and to do fun games on the computer.  We would have fun at her house and Molly always wanted to drive her golf cart.  And when it was summer we would play in the pool with her slide and diving board.  And we would do dare devil things on both the diving board and the slide!  She would read CAPS FOR SALE to us and we would act it out with all of her caps.  And we would go play putt-putt and do the arcade.  It was fun!!  And whenever we would come over she would have gifts for us.  And we would always have a lot of fun when we came over.  And one time on Christmas Eve night we were ready for bed and about to get into their bunk beds in their pool house and suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mommy and Daddy opened it and there she was acting like Mrs.  Santa Claus!  She said, “Hello, there!  Would you happen to know where my husband is?”  We laughed, when suddenly PawPaw (he’s my grandpa) jumped out and said, “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!”  It was so much fun!!! I loved Gran.”


Those are sweet words, full of love for Gran.  We are thankful that the kids do have memories of Gran…and that one day they will see her again in heaven.



11 Sep

Today I passed the mirror in my living room and scared myself with my big hair. I said, “Whoa.” Then, I stopped and messed with my hair a second. Mack said, “What is it, Mom?” I told him my hair was HUGE today. He said, “Well, I know someone who has bigger hair than you.” (I could tell he just wanted to try and make me feel better about the hair.)
“Really? Who has bigger hair?” I asked.

“Dolly Parton,” he said said, quite seriously.

I laughed inside and thought to myself, “She has a couple more things bigger than me besides her hair!”

Football, West Coast, Birthday, etc

7 Sep

Lots going on around The Dorminy Home.

Mack started flag football again this fall.  He seems to enjoy it and has a coach that is serious about it, which we appreciate.  He is learning a lot….I am proud of how good of a listener he is, and if there is one thing that Josh has made sure he knows, it’s that you do not walk on the field.  Ever.  Mack runs on and off the field, to the coach, to his position, to wherever.  He isn’t going to be found walking on the field.  And I love how he goes to whoever does something good on the team and gives them a high five, letting them know he is glad that they did good.  Love that kid.

photo copy



Josh is sorely missed when he is gone.  Here he is with the kids after a late night return…..

photo copy 3


He invited me to join him on his birthday out on the west coast.  We had a nice time being together.  And that no humidity thing?  It’s for real, and I like it.  A lot.  Not one drop of sweat even at temps 100+!!  A special shout out to PawPaw who stayed with the kids.  He is nothing short of amazing when it comes to taking care of the kids.  They went to Wal Mart daily.  He was basically a short order cook for Molly who eats non-stop.  He took care of Mack’s football practice, Molly’s sewing lesson, and got everyone in Sunday School. Words cannot express how thankful I am that he takes such an interest in the kids.  They are making many great memories with him.  He even did some school work with them.

photo copy 4

Above, he is playing a little checkers with the kids in Cabelas.  This is as far as I got in the store…the chairs in which to lounge. That place is huge.

photo copy 12


photo copy 17

Josh turned 37 years old while we were in Vegas.

photo copy 14


photo copy 13


photo copy 16


photo copy 15While I enjoyed most everything about our stay, I did see more skin in two days than I have seen in my adult life.  Clothes that cover is not a high priority there.

photo copy 9

In West Hollywood we drove around a lot with a group looking to start a church out there.  It was great to see a part of the world I haven’t been to yet.  And I enjoyed being able to visualize where our friends will be living as they start their new adventure.

photo copy 6This beauty was in our hotel foyer.  We stayed on Sunset Blvd.  It was very different from anywhere else I’ve ever stayed.

photo copy 5

photo copy 11

We saw “O,” a Cirque du Soleil performance.  It was entertaining!

photo copy 8

We ate here one night.  Delicious!  We were all sitting outside and enjoying ZERO percent humidity.  Nice.

And we are back to square one…packing that suitcase again…

photo 1

And one more from Santa Monica Pier…




26 Aug

Life throws curve balls from time to time. Some are really good curve balls…like sunshine on a regular old Monday AND Tuesday. What’s a mom/teacher to do?!?




And then there was the morning I had to go buy car tags. We left the house early so we would have time for J. Christopher’s!



And we are still getting our school work done! Math and Science and Grammar and Reading and Writing and History and scripture memory and more! I have to remind myself to Be FLEXIBLE!!! Take advantage of the ability to not have to stick to a schedule! This is such a great time of life.





Looking out for me!

20 Aug

I realize that God is a personal God who loves me. Sometimes that realization is a bit more easily recognizable than other times.
Thankfully, this home school year, He has helped me! I decided to have the girls study Astronomy with Apologia this year. Timothy Ministry, a co-op for home school families, offers science as well. I signed Mack up for science, and wouldn’t you know that astronomy is the topic!
I am teaching US History this year to all of them. I signed Mack up for History at Timothy Ministry, and I thought I was signing him up or Middle Ages, which would be fine because we covered that last year and he could likely use a review. However, I signed him up for Westward Expansion, which means he is getting our history on his level AND he gets to hear about history of the US here at home as well. I really couldn’t have planned it any better.
I happened to already have Explode the Code Workbook 4, and wouldn’t you know that my Sonlight Language Arts for Mack encourages the student to use Explode the Code 4!
I’m telling you—only The Lord knew what I needed and helped piece it all together, despite myself.

Today we created the solar system out of some construction paper and tape. Not anything to write home about, but we all worked together on it and continued to remind ourselves of God’s mighty workmanship called the Universe.
Our verse this week is Psalm 8:1, “O Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth, who has displayed Your splendor above the heavens. “

Indeed, His creation is mind boggling! I love having these wonderful conversations with them at home.
I loved hearing Mack read Genesis 1 while the girls wrote out some science definitions.
I loved hearing Ruby teach Mack how to remember the first five presidents of the United States.


I loved going on a good walk with them this morning after we read The
Word at the breakfast table together.

I love hearing Ruby read aloud off and on throughout the whole day. She uses great inflection and really gets into sounding like the characters.

I did not enjoy watching one child have an absolute meltdown over much of nothing. But I do love that I have the time to talk her through her emotions that seem out of control.

I loved hearing Mack tell me what he learned from his Lewis and Clark movie….and seeing him decide to build Lewis and Clark’s expedition out of Legos!

I love that I already know what is dinner and I don’t have to go to the grocery store!

I will love when bedtime rolls around, too!😉

Molly is 9!

18 Aug DSC_0474

Happy Birthday to Molly!  I’m always reminded at times like this…when I am looking for pictures of Molly from over the years…that we accidentally deleted a huge amount of photos, most of which were taken during MOlly’s baby years.  Of course this would happen to her.  She is the middle child.  Just one more reason she will have to feel left out or abandoned by her family.  ha!

Molly is a very independent little girl with a mind of her own.  She continues to be intrigued with all things handicapped.  She has also recently taken up an obsession with office supplies.  Thankfully, Aunt Merrilee and Uncle Jason gave her plenty of her own supplies, so she will likely stay out of mine for a little while.

We surprised her with a very simple, small get together here Sunday night.  She had no idea, so it was fun to see her walk in to some of her favorite people here to celebrate her.


photo copy 2

photo copy

photo copy 3

Mack helped me put together the gift Ruby bought for Molly.  He was a good helper.

photo copy 5

photo copy 6

Molly is rolling it around like she is some sort of worker.  She got a digital camera, too.  We shall see how well she takes care of it.  The girl is always into something.

She keeps us on our toes, and we love having her as part of our family.  It would be quite boring around here without her personality involved in our every day lives.  It’s been this way since the day she was born!


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